Cycle Canton - Cycle Canton


CYCLE CANTON: 广州自行车一日游  

我们的骑行旅途将带您离开你所熟悉的日常大街,进入古老的小巷,和街坊邻居一起聊聊家常,探索就在你身边的小城故事。 我们有故事,有远方,还有友善的导游,欢迎你加入我们的城市发现之旅。

经典线路每天成团,发现隐藏的珍宝-“从旧到新的城市探索”。也可以定制路线探索广州其他地方,每月可定制私人团队路线 。

我们相信,广州是一个令人惊叹的城市,美丽和魅力充满每个角落。 有着令本地人享受的舒适户外社区和绿色环境。 探索广州的美丽和多样性,没有比骑行更适合了!


  • “I only had 12 hours in Guangzhou and this cycle tour allowed me to see much of the city’s beauty and diversity. The guides were really professional and I was very impressed with their knowledge on the different sites, and on Chinese culture in general!”

    Henk Beerten (Holland) – Deputy Mayor

  • “It was the best thing we've done in Guangzhou, without a doubt”

    Ben (USA) - Architect

  • “Fantastic way to explore the city, and learn about its rich past and exciting future. The stories, anecdotes and deep insights I gained from this tour, have provided me with a much better understanding of Guangzhou”

    Maxime Verhagen - Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands

  • “After living in Guangzhou for two years, I finally feel like I have insight into this city and its rich culture. I recommend this leisurely cycling experience to anyone!”

    Lindsey (Canada) - Event Organiser

  • “A journey through the heart of Guangzhou. I did not expect such variety in views along this route. I feel like I've seen the real Guangzhou!”

    Harrie (Holland) – Education Consultant

  • “If you would like to know more about Guangzhou then you must take this Canton Cycle. Very enjoyable and relax activity.”

    Rudy (Indonesia) - Businessman

  • “I've travelled all over the world and can honestly say that your tour is one of the most interesting and enjoyable "tourist activities" I've done! Guangzhou was certainly an unexpected but pleasant surprise and a great way to end my trip!”

    Dave (New Zealand) - IT Specialist

  • “A brilliant and memorable Cantonese City experience. It’s like cycling with good friends. Our guides were very knowledgeable and patient. They provide detailed explanations of the many sites. At all times the cycling was safe and led professionally. Most of the route was through alleyways and gave us the feel of real urban China street life”

    William (USA) - Historian

  • “The tour is taken at a nice, leisurely pace and is reassuringly professional. A rare opportunity to see authentic Canton”

    Will (UK) - Journalist