Guangzhou is China’s food capital and there are more eateries per capita than anywhere else in China. Come on a gastronomic and cultural walking exploration of its vast array of foods and drinks with a local expert who is a foodie and speaks your language. Take a casual stroll through some of Guangzhou’s most interesting and iconic streets while tasting bite-sized mouthfuls of the local and traditional as well as the neo-hip and iconic gourmet. Visit a wet market, try the best dim sum, make your own dumplings, indulge in local fruits and dessert, let herbal teas ease your ailments, and overlook the Pearl River when sipping a sumptuous cocktail made by a local mixologist. Join us in small groups with our expert and fun guides. Learn more about this fascinating city and experience Guangzhou by the mouthful!

This tour is offered to private groups of 5-12 people only. Regular public tours, available to individuals and smaller groups, will be advertised here and on our WeChat page (user name: CycleCanton).

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