'Xiguan & Across the River' Cycle Tour

9 kilometers; 13:30 - 5:00pm

This tour can also be booked for other days, with a minimum of 4 guests. 

Learn more about Guangzhou's Lingnan culture with a visit to the Cantonese Opera Museum and the restored old neighborhood around it, including Bruce Lee's ancestral hall. Feel the city's trading spirit when riding through Liwan's Xiguan wholesale markets and Qingping dried goods market. Explore Shamian Island and learn the complicated history of the island and some of its buildings, before we check out the 'Canton Bund'. After boarding the Pearl River Ferry, we arrive on the 'forgotten' side of the river and visit the stunning Haizhuang Buddhist Temple. We then crisscross through alleyways in the Nanhuaxi village where time has stood still for hundreds of years, stumbling upon former opium dens, outdoor markets, ancient villas and ancestral halls. After riding through the vast and famous wedding dress market, we end up on the Pearl River, where we finish at the stunning mansion of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen. The entire route is through alleyways, or along the Pearl River boulevard. An astounding tour through historically important, but less appreciated parts of Guangzhou!

Practical info


Sunday November 14th, 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Meeting point

Yongqingfang (Liwan) to Jiangwan Bridge (Haizhu)


350 CNY for adults, 200 CNY for kids riding, 80 CNY for kids in seat

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13:30  Meet at Cantonese Opera Museum on Enning Lu

13:40  Introduction and departure

13:45  Walking tour of Yongqingfang revitalized old neighborhood & canal, Bruce Lee's ancestral hall, Lion Dance cultural heritage

14:10  Departure of cycle tour through Xiguan's historic neighborhoods

14:25  Qingping dried goods market

14:35  Shamian Island

15:05  Canton Bund

15:15  Ferry across the Pearl River

15:30  Haizhuang Buddhist Temple

15:50  Nanhuaxi historic area with several sights

16:30  Wedding dress market

17:00  Finish at Mansion of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen




You can book this tour for 350 CNY/adult, 200 CNY/riding child (including tandem) and 80 CNY for children in child seats. Included in the price is everything you need: bike, helmet, guide, lunch, snacks and water. 

Please book by clicking the large green button at the top of this post. Full payment upfront is required through WeChat Pay or AliPay. Bookings are handled on a first come, first served basis and a reservation is not complete until paid! For questions you may contact Bram on WeChat (QR code above) or phone:  (+86) 15626406926.



You may cancel your tour free of charge latest 36 hours before departure of the tour. Cancellations after that time are charged 150 CNY, and no refunds apply for no-shows. If we need to cancel the tour due to COVID travel restrictions or typhoon warnings, you will receive a full refund.

Are you interested in booking this tour for your friends, company or organisation, be in touch with Bram (contact details above)!



We meet at Zhao Atelier, at the entrance to Yongqingfang area and the Cantonese Opera Museum on Enning Lu, Liwan District. The Chinese address for DiDi is: 粤剧艺术博物馆西南门If you have any problems finding the place, you can contact us at 15626406926. We meet at 1:30pm and will depart, with or without you, at 1:45pm at the latest. We finish at the Former Mansion of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen, by the Jiangwan Bridge on the Haizhu District side. Several days before the tour you will be added to a WeChat group with all participants on the tour.



Ride on China’s classical Fenghuang ('Phoenix') bicycles. These are what Katie Melua refers to when she sings about "nine million bicycles in Beijing". We replaced most parts for increased safety and comfort, while retaining its famous look. The locals will be giving you jealous looks!
We have done, and continue doing, extensive research into the Guangzhou's past, present and future. Besides the dozens of books, magazines, and articles we went through, many of the stories we learned from talking to the locals on the streets along our route. The stories we share with you, are the real folk stories that cannot be found in travel guides! Furthermore, we share old pictures of the places we visit, showing you the immense change of this thriving city! Along the tours we provide you with water and local snacks