About Us

At Cycle Canton, we are intrigued by the history, culture, lifestyle and stories of Guangzhou. We are keen to venture out into the city and countryside ourselves, but mostly, we care to bring fun and meaning to the lives of our guests. We are not the tight-pants, racing bike kind of folks! We prefer to take it slow, on wheels or on foot, and offer personal, professional, full-service trips that make you experience the best Guangzhou and surroundings have to offer. 

Our team consists of international and local professionals from a range of industries. For team building and countryside tours, we work with the best local partners to provide excellent service.

As experts of Guangzhou & around, we have been offering tours of Guangzhou since 2013. Founded and managed by a bike-riding Dutchman, our team of local Cantonese and 'local' foreign guides has hosted 18,000+ visitors - expats, tourists, business visitors and an increasing amount of locals - from 108 countries, and maintained a 100% safety record. We are consistently ranked TripAdvisor’s Best Activity in Guangzhou, are preferred partners for many Consulates, Corporates and Five Star Hotels, and have featured in numerous local, national and international media.

Despite its average reputation, we know Guangzhou to be a beautiful and fascinating place. There is so much more than what the travel guides tell you. Dive deep into the city’s old neighborhoods to find its magnificence, hidden away from sight. Inside these neighborhoods you find the soul of the city, in the lifestyles and stories of the local Cantonese, that we have come to love. While the city is developing rapidly, Guangzhou retained most of its historic, 2,200 year old areas. Inspiring are the contrasts between old and new, traditional and modern, Cantonese and Western, everywhere you go. We are continuously learning about Guangzhou’s history and future, and share our passion for this place with you on all of our tours and trips!