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We deliver unforgettable team development experiences

At Cycle Canton we believe that a happier team reaps success for the entire organization. That is why we invest energy in creating serious yet fun experiences for each stage of team development. Be in touch on email at or WeChat (bram_wechat) to discuss the options. Click here to view the brochure with an overview of the many options. 

Our team building experiences are built around team bonding, team building and/or team coaching, to help your team grow stronger. Whether you are looking to have a fun day out with the team, are trying to improve team work and engagement, or are actively working towards developing a shared vision and collaboration. We can turn scavenger hunts into business case scenarios, cycle rides into team missions, and arts workshops into creative strategic planning activities. We challenge teams to form, define goals and strategies, foster psychological safety, handle conflict management, and manage diverse leadership behaviors. Working with you and our partners, we craft experiences specific to your organization’s needs and wishes, to help your team perform, meet organizational goals, and nurture leadership development.

Clients over the years mostly include corporates, consulates, and international schools. Our events are all-inclusive, and everything is catered for from the first to last minute, from activities to food, transport to hotels, and insurance to ‘fapiaos’. Professional photo-/videographers can be arranged. Events can be hosted in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Some of our popular team building experiences are shown below. These can also be combined with any other activities you may be interested in.

Scavenger Hunt

Duration: Half-day / Full-day

Options: Dongshankou (Yuexiu), Xiguan (Liwan), Zinitang (Panyu), other locations

Possible add-ons: Organization-specific business cases & training, hiking, cycling, countryside adventures

Explore historic neighborhoods on foot (or bicycle), visit some of the most fashionable art galleries and (coffee) shops, and discover some hidden gems of the city. The group is split into smaller teams for tasks and challenges that require speed, creativity, team work and social skills. Search and collect items, find places, work together with local craftsmen, conduct in public speaking, perform live art, go shopping, and much more. Get out of your comfort zone, work together as a team, get things done, and perform under pressure. Finish with drinks, snacks, a prize ceremony and a recap of the day. A fun and bonding experience with your colleagues that breaks through the ordinary office routine. The challenges can be crafted to include business cases or challenges within your organization.


Countryside Cycle Adventures

Duration: Half-day / Full-day / Multiple Days

Options: Zengcheng countryside, Kaiping, Guangdong Province

Possible add-ons: Lunch, dinner, BBQ, swimming pool, hot springs, party, hiking, fruit picking, scavenger hunt, etc.

Hop on a bike and get your team active and outdoors! Experience the beautiful countryside on small tracks through rice fields, fruit orchards, ancient villages and mountains. Combine this with (team) challenges, farm visits for fruit picking, a finish at a swimming pool or hot spring, a BBQ, small party, and possibly a stay-over in a local hotel. Multiple-day trips are offered as well, if you are keen for a longer adventure and challenge.


City Cycling & Walking Trips

Duration: Half-day / Full-day / Multiple Days

Options: Old to New Guangzhou (overview), Dongshankou (art), Liwan & Haizhu (history), Panyu (art), Huangpu (history)

Possible add-ons: Lunch, dinner, museum visits, massage, walk, scavenger hunt, etc.

Get your team active, do something fun and explore the hidden areas and places in Guangzhou. Go off-the-beaten-path through historic areas, and uncover the beauty and diversity of the city in a way you never experienced otherwise. See the real Guangzhou, beyond the glitter and glamour of New Town, and find your new favorite hangouts, whether cafés, shops, art galleries or parks. Meet the locals and learn the folk stories that shaped the city and country. We can combine these trips with restaurants, museums, galleries, cafés, walks, scavenger hunts and more.


Countryside Team Getaways

Duration: 1-5 days

Options: Beachside, Mountain Areas, Kaiping UNESCO Sights

Possible add-ons: Yachting, sailing, BBQ, cycling, hiking, pool party, DJ, photography workshop, etc.

For longer trips, with more opportunities for team bonding and fun, Guangdong’s beaches, mountains and ancient villages have plenty to offer. Or take higher management for 'Away Days' and combine the strategy sessions with fun and team bonding. Besides luxury accommodation, there are abundant activities available, such as yachting, sailing, surfing, hiking, cycling, hot springs, bonfires, farm visits, scavenger hunts, workshops, and more.


Arts & Creativity

Duration: Half-day / Full-day

Options: Panyu (Zinitang) or flexible locations

Possible add-ons: Walking/cycling trips, lunch, dinner, BBQ, swimming pool, party, scavenger hunt, etc.

Get creative and start painting, with the help of a famous, Guangzhou-based, French painter. The painting session can be workshop-based, or more free and creative. Paint individually or in groups, and combine this with other activities, such as exploring the creative park of Zinitang as well as the historic Shawan village, a BBQ, scavenger hunt and swimming pool. Painting can also be arranged in other locations, according to your preference.


Team Workshops

Duration: Half-day / Full-day

Options: Flexible, tailored to your organization’s needs

Possible add-ons: Can be combined with other experiences described in this overview

For team building and team coaching purposes, we offer a wide variety of personal, team and organizational workshops with partners Wilosophy. Workshops are conducted through a coaching approach and could focus on topics such as Agile communication & execution, achieving strategic goals, and managing through VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) landscapes. We encourage combining workshops with outdoor team experiences, to put theory into practice and deepen the learning through immersive experience.

What others say...

"You hit the nail on the head. The outcome was more than I was expecting, and I saw some of the real personalities of my staff come out... We should have a follow on this."
Prem (UK) - HSBC
"Thank you, we had so much fun! The event was balanced with team engagement, collaboration, chats, snacks and drinks. Cycle Canton did a great job!"
Joshua (USA) - American International School
"A huge thank you... It was excellent and I’ve had nothing but positive comments from the whole team!"
Liberty (UK) - UK Consulate