Team Building

Dinner, KTV, or a trip to a resort do not build stronger teams, leave lasting impacts or achieve the desired outcomes. Cycle Canton has many years of experience in organizing team bonding and building activities, that are customized and catered to the specific needs of the organization. We combine management theory, group collaboration, team challenges, fun and the great outdoors, helping you build your team.

Cycle Canton's team building activities are built around the following elements, or combinations thereof:

  1. Scavenger / Treasure Hunt in Dongshankou, Guangzhou
  2. Professional team building workshops and coaching, with ICF-certified professional coaches at Wilosophy
  3. Cycling and Walking tours inside Guangzhou 
  4. Countryside Trips and Away Days, with options such as cycle rides,  luxury yachts, beach, hiking, workshops, overnight stay options, Scavenger Hunt, hot springs, and much more. 

Half-day, full-day and multiple day options are available. Activities can also be combined with spa, art galleries, Lion Dancing, cooking classes, football matches, performances, river cruise, lunch/dinner/drinks, or pretty much anything you are interested in. We can customize the experience to your needs. Insurance for guests is arranged for, food, drinks and refreshments are included, fapiaos are provided, professional photo-/videographers and venue rental can be arranged. Everything from the first to last minute of the day(s) is taken care of. 

Events in cooperation with Wilosophy, an established corporate training firm, are crafted to the organization’s challenges at hand, and provide tools, tips & tricks to achieve personal and organizational success. The morning session is a 'call to action' through theory and classroom-based experiential learning. The afternoon outdoor session puts theory straight into action through a coaching approach, focused on the teams to achieve strategic objectives and goals based on each individuals strengths and experiences.

Scavenger Hunt

Explore the hippest neighborhood of Guangzhou on foot, visit some of the most fashionable art galleries and coffee shops, and compete with your your colleagues to win the best prizes of the Scavenger Hunt! 
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Professional Development & Coaching

For Professional Development and Coaching programs, Cycle Canton works with Wilosophy, an established corporate training firm, to craft team building activities and coaching, tailor-made for your organization and challenges.
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Away Days

Cycle Canton offers Away Days for organizations that wish to spend time away from the office, whether to treat their staff to a fun trip, or for a small group of upper management to develop corporate strategies. 
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What others say...

"You hit the nail on the head. The outcome was more than I was expecting, and I saw some of the real personalities of my staff come out... We should have a follow on this."
Prem (UK) - HSBC
"A huge thank you... It was excellent and I’ve had nothing but positive comments from the whole team!"
Liberty (UK) - UK Consulate
"Thank you, we had so much fun! The event was balanced with team engagement, collaboration, chats, snacks and drinks. Cycle Canton did a great job!"
Joshua (USA) - American International School