Professional Development & Coaching

For Professional Development and Coaching programs, Cycle Canton works with Wilosophy, an established corporate training firm, to craft team building activities that are tailor-made for your organization and challenges. Workshops and team activities relate to the organization’s challenges at hand, and provide tools, tips & tricks to achieve personal and organizational success. The opening session is a 'call to action' through theory and classroom-based experiential learning. The following session puts theory straight into action through a coaching approach, focused on the teams to achieve strategic objectives and goals based on each individuals strengths and experiences.

The activities build upon (depending on which morning session):

  • Applying personal values and leadership styles into the organisational challenges;
  • Identifying the best teams and strengths within;

  • How to better apply communication to lead to synchronised business outcomes;

  • Applying powerful clean language questions in business scenarios;

  • Adopting the 4C's model in solving an emergency business challenge;

  • Meeting stakeholders and clients to obtain win-win.

Outdoor elements (e.g. Scavenger Hunt) are often incorporated to further engage the team and put theory into practice. Everything from the first to last minute of the day(s) is taken care of. Insurance for guests is included, food, drinks and refreshments can be provided, fapiaos are included, professional photo-/videographers and venue rental can be arranged. 

Get in touch on WeChat, email or phone with your wishes, and we will put together a proposal.