Scavenger Hunt of Dongshankou

Explore the hippest neighborhood of Guangzhou on foot or bike, visit some of the most fashionable art galleries and coffee shops, and compete with your your colleagues to win the best prizes of the Scavenger Hunt! At several stops along the route, the group is split up into smaller group who perform (group) tasks and challenges that require speed, creativity, team work and social skills. Search and collect items, find places, work together with local craftsmen, conduct in public speaking, perform live art, go shopping, and much more. Along the way you will learn more on Cantonese culture and history. On the full-day program, we include lunch at one of Guangzhou’s hallmark Cantonese restaurants, and finish with coffee, beers and bubbles at Triple Rooster café and gallery. Scavenger Hunts can also be combined with theory and classroom-based experiential learning with Wilosophy, an established corporate training firm. Get out of your comfort zone, work together as a team, get things done, perform under pressure, and above all: have fun! An entertaining and bonding experience with your colleagues that breaks through the ordinary office routine!

The Scavenger Hunt is tailored to your organization and needs. Both half-day and full-day options are available. Everything from the first to last minute of the day is taken care of. Insurance for guests is included, food, drinks and refreshments are provided, fapiaos are included, professional photo-/videographers and venue rental can be arranged. 

Get in touch on WeChat, email or phone with your wishes, and we will put together a proposal.