'Water, Ships & Guns' Cycle Tour

18 kilometers; 10:00am - 5:00pm

On this very special tour we start at the Huangpu Ancient Port, the entry point to Imperial China for foreign traders. We cross the ferry to Changzhou island, and visit historic sights, including the Huangpu Military Academy, an architectural highlight, and a hidden fortress used 150 years ago. Criss-crossing through urban villages, and along a canal some call the 'Venice of Guangzhou', we have a large local lunch, overlooking the farms and fields of the rural parts of the island. After cycling through fields, greenways and more urban villages we park our bikes and go for a brief hike to a lookout point. Our last highlight will be China's first and oldest foreign graveyard, the final resting placing of many foreign diplomats, traders and sailors, including the first US Minister to China, who lie here since the late 1700s. Following a brief ride through farms we finish for a refreshing drink by a pond of the local village. An epic tour, exploring the rusty fringes of the city that is historic, partly rural and mostly overlooked!

Practical info


Sunday March 26th, 9:50 am

Meeting point

Huangpu Ancient Wharf to Nantian Village, Changzhou Island


580 CNY for adults, 280 CNY for kids riding, 80 CNY for kids in seat

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9:50  Meet at the entrance of the Huangpu Ancient Port Museum

10:00  Introduction of the tour, visit to the museum

10:25  Departure of cycle tour, visit to urban villages and Pearl River

11:00  Ferry across Pearl River to Changzhou Island

11:20  Outdoor market, urban villages

11:45  Visit to Baihegang hidden fortress

12:15  Ride through the 'Venice of Guangzhou'

12:30  Lunch at a famous local restaurant with views over surrounding fields

14:00  Visit to Huangpu Military Academy

14:40  Ride through fields, greenways and urban villages

15:30  Short hike up a small mountain for a 360 degree view of Guangzhou

16:10  Visit to foreign graveyard

17:00  Finish in the local village for cold drinks



You can book this tour for 580 CNY/adult, 280 CNY/riding child (including tandem) and 80 CNY for children in child seats. Included in the price is everything you need: bike, helmet, guide, lunch, snacks, water and entrance to sights. 

Please book by clicking the large green button at the top of this post. Full payment upfront is required through WeChat Pay or AliPay. Bookings are handled on a first come, first served basis and a reservation is not complete until paid! For questions you may contact Bram on WeChat (QR code above) or phone:  (+86) 15626406926.



Full refunds are provided when cancelling earlier than 48 hours prior to departure. Cancellations between 24 and 48 hours before departure can claim a 50% refund. No refunds are provided for no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours of departure. 



We meet at the entrance to the Huangpu Ancient Port Museum. The Chinese address for DiDi is: 粤海第一关纪念馆, or Yuehai First Pass Memorial Hall if you use the English version. Please note you will need to walk the last few minutes. If you have any problems finding the place, you can contact Bram at 15626406926. We meet at 9:50am and after finishing the museum visit we will depart from there at 10:25am at the latest. Several days before the tour you will be added to a WeChat group with all participants on the tour. 



Ride on China’s classical Fenghuang ('Phoenix') bicycles. These are what Katie Melua refers to when she sings about "nine million bicycles in Beijing". We replaced most parts for increased safety and comfort, while retaining its famous look. The locals will be giving you jealous looks!
We have done, and continue doing, extensive research into the Guangzhou's past, present and future. Besides the dozens of books, magazines, and articles we went through, many of the stories we learned from talking to the locals on the streets along our route. The stories we share with you, are the real folk stories that cannot be found in travel guides! Furthermore, we share old pictures of the places we visit, showing you the immense change of this thriving city! Along the tours we provide you with local lunch, water and snacks