Cycle Tours

Explore Guangzhou and surrounding on two wheels on 9 routes, from historic neighborhoods to rural mountain trails, and urban greenways to riverside boulevards. On our half-day and full-day city tours we dive deep into the hidden alleyways of the old Canton and go places very few know about. Learn the stories that shaped Guangzhou, meet the local Cantonese, and visit the city's hidden gems. On our full-day countryside tours we take you to the rice paddies, mountains, clean rivers and ancient villages around Guangzhou. Experience the traditional life, enjoy the nature and fresh air! On our 3-4 day cycling adventures  we explore the (karst) mountains of Guangdong province, stay in luxury boutique hotels and have support vehicles with us all the way. 

Tours are all-inclusive, with everything taken care of (bike, helmet, water, snacks, guide) and included in the price. On full-day trips lunch is provided, and on multiple day trips we reside in bespoke and charming boutiques. Check out our cycle tours and schedule below!  

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'Old to New - Hidden Gems' Cycle Tour

On our award-winning Hidden Gems - Old to New Tour we take you off-the-beaten track and bring you deep into the heart of the city. An authentic experience bringing you from Old to New Guangzhou: from the traditional and historic neighborhoods, to the shiny skyscrapers of modern China.
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'Little Yangshuo' 3-4 Day Cycling Adventure

This is our hallmark trip. Our most spectacular, most amazing, most wholesome trip of Guangdong Province. A trip for the adventurous, for the cycling enthusiasts, for those that love thoutdoors
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Shaoguan 3-4 Day Cycling Adventure

This is the sequel to the massively successful 'Little Yangshuo' adventure.  An amazing cycle adventure to the mountains, lakes and canyons of Shaoguan (Guangdong). A trip for the adventurous, for the cycling enthusiasts, for those that love thoutdoors
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'Xiguan & Across the River' Cycle Tour

Learn Guangzhou’s history of foreign influences on Shamian island and the 'Canton Bund', before boarding the Pearl River Ferry. Then crisscross through alleyways in old urban villages in Nanhuaxi, and stumble upon opium dens, ancestral halls and a thousand-year-old Buddhist temple. 
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'Art & Vélo' Cycle Tour of Dongshankou

Get funky on this astonishing tour in the culturally rich Dongshankou neighborhood, where lines of East and West meet. Packed with 100-150 year-old historic buildings, this area was the base for both Nationalists and Communists, and is now full of art galleries, coffee shops and fashion boutiques. Come explore the hippest place in town!
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'Water, Ships & Guns' Cycle Tour of Guangzhou

On this NEW, full-day tour, we start at the Huangpu Ancient Port, the entry point to Imperial China for foreign traders. We cross the ferry to Changzhou island, and visit historic sights, including the Huangpu Military Academy, a hidden fortress used during the Opium Wars, fields, ancient villages and small mountains.
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'Into the Wild' Cycle Tour of the Countryside

Come and enjoy the off-the-beaten track pathways through fields, rice paddies, bamboo forests, mountains, streams and ancient villages. Watch in awe at the Baishuizhai waterfall that crashes down 428 meters, visit a local fruit farm and finish with a refreshing swim, cold beers, and a BBQ.
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'Into the Great Wide Open' Cycle Tour of the Countryside

This tour takes you through the rice fields, fruit orchards, rivers and mountains of rural Zengcheng district. We ride past water buffaloes, enjoy shady mountain paths through forests, and finish for cold drinks at the Zeng River beach. An amazing tour if you wish to escape the bustle of the city!
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What others say...

"I only had 12 hours in Guangzhou and this cycle tour allowed me to see much of the city’s beauty and diversity. The guides were really professional and I was very impressed with their knowledge on the different sites, and on Chinese culture in general!"
Henk Beerten (Holland) – Deputy Mayor
"I've travelled all over the world and can honestly say that your tour is one of the most interesting and enjoyable "tourist activities" I've done! Guangzhou was certainly an unexpected but pleasant surprise and a great way to end my trip!"
Dave (New Zealand) - IT Specialist
"If you would like to know more about Guangzhou then you must take this Canton Cycle. Very enjoyable and relax activity."
Rudy (Indonesia) - Businessman
"A brilliant and memorable Cantonese City experience. It’s like cycling with good friends. Our guides were very knowledgeable and patient. At all times the cycling was safe and led professionally. It gave us the feel of real urban China street life"
William (USA) - Historian
"It was the best thing we've done in Guangzhou, without a doubt"
Ben (UK) - Architect
"The tour is taken at a nice, leisurely pace and is reassuringly professional. A rare opportunity to see authentic Canton"
Will (UK) - Journalist
"I love doing Cycle Canton tours. A wonderful mix of cycling, history and exploring awesome areas of Guangzhou that I would otherwise not know about!"
Iman (USA) - International School Teacher