'Water, Ships & Guns' Cycle Tour of Guangzhou

18 kilometers; 10:00am - 5:00pm

Check the Calendar to see when this tour is scheduled next, and you are welcome to sign up individually. This tour can also be booked for other days, with a minimum of 10 guests. 

On this NEW TOUR, we start at the Huangpu Ancient Port, the entry point to Imperial China for foreign traders. We cross the ferry to Changzhou island, and visit historic sights, including the Huangpu Military Academy, an architectural highlight, and a hidden fortress used during the Opium Wars. Criss-crossing through urban villages, and along a canal some call the 'Venice of Guangzhou', we have a sumptuous local lunch, overlooking the farms and fields of the rural parts of the island. After cycling through fields, greenways and more urban villages, we visit a small hill for spectacular views of Guangzhou. Finally we explore the first foreign graveyard of China, the final resting placing of many foreign diplomats, traders and sailors, including the first US Minister to China, who lie here since the late 1700s. We finish with a refreshing, well-deserved beer at the local village. An epic tour, exploring the rusty fringes of the city that is still partly rural. Everything you need, from bike to water, and lunch to guides, is included and taken care of.